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There once was this criminal who had committed a crime
(Because, hey, that’s what criminals do. That’s their job!)
Anyway, he was sent to the king for his punishment.
The king told him he had a choice of two punishments.
He could be hung by a rope.
Or take what’s behind the big, dark, scary, mysterious iron door.
The criminal quickly decided on the rope.
As the noose was being slipped on him, he turned to the king and asked:
“By the way, out of curiosity, what’s behind that door?”
The king laughed and said:
“You know, it’s funny, I offer everyone the same choice, and nearly everyone picks the rope.”
“So,” said the criminal, “Tell me. What’s behind the door? I mean, obviously, I won’t tell anyone,” he said, pointing to the noose around his neck.
The king paused then answered:
“Freedom, but it seems most people are so afraid of the unknown that they immediately take the rope.”

لینک قسمت دوم :
It’s normal to be afraid of following your dreams. It’s quite common. Living your dreams can be risky, and there’s always the possibility of failure.
But, there’s also a possibility of success, right?
The only way to guarantee that you will not fail is to not try.
Les Brown says,
“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.”
You will never achieve your dreams while you are living in fear. You must overcome your fears to live the life of your dreams.
“Fears are nothing more than a state of mind.” — Napoleon Hill
Remember that fear is nothing more than a state of mind. Your fear exists in your head.
It is caused by your limiting beliefs.
When you stop focusing on your limiting beliefs, your fears, you are able to see a path to your dreams. Anthony Moore says, “If you’re not willing to fail, you guarantee you’ll stay average-at-best.”
Choose to live the life of your dreams instead of the one that is limited by fear. Overcome your fears and move forward.
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