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Hi data scientist!

Are you on track for success in 2019?

With only one month left until a new year is upon us, SuperDataScience brings you an exclusive webinar where we reveal what’s ahead in 2019.

Whether you’re transitioning careers, upgrading your skills, needing a boost in knowledge or making major moves within data science, let Kirill and Hadelin guide your tough decisions with expert and unparalleled insights into the industry.

Join us on 10th December for a free webinar: “Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Technology Trends in 2019.”

This essential event will see Kirill and Hadelin dissecting 2019’s major trends and its under-the-radar developments in artificial intelligence, data science, and technology.

Plus! The webinar also includes a review of 2018’s biggest industry news, for the most exhaustive industry analysis out there.
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