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Flowers of Hope - Ikebana with Mona Isabelle

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An audiovisual floral art project by Berlin-based flower artist Mona Isabelle. https://mona-isabelle.de/
Flowers are her passion - and she arranges them in opulent bouquets for theater premieres, lavish wedding celebrations or as Flower Flashes spontaneously spread all over the city. The colorful and vibrant floral dreams, the elegant eye-catchers are her trademark, but Floral Artist Mona Isabelle also masters the art of Ikebana, the traditional Japanese way of arranging flowers.

How individual flowers are transformed step by step, blossom by blossom, into a stylish, delicate bouquet is shown in the film "Flowers of hope", brought to screen by filmmaker Andreas Rochholl.

Watching the gentle creation of the floral artwork, however, is only one part of "Flowers of Hope", which is harmoniously accompanied by music the Argentine musician Carlos Libedinsky composed especially for Mona Isabelle's film project. The piece is called "El Viaje Azul - The Blue Journey" and invites the viewers and listeners to dive in the flow with the Floral Art it also has a calming, almost meditative effect.

The musical icing on the cake is the deep, almost mystical voice of Iranian singer Samin Ghorbani. She created "El Viaje Azul" vocally and has set a poem by Forough Farrokhzad to music together with Kavosh Sohrabian.

The music was recorded in Berlin by Carlos Libedinsky and in Tehran by Siamak Salati.

The ethnomusicologist and curator of the festival 'Female Voices of Iran' Yalda Yazdani has also contributed significantly to this unique German-Argentinean-Iranian cocreation, because it was she who established the connection to the singer and also gave this extraordinary audiovisual floral art film it beautiful title.

Floral Artist: Mona Isabelle
Music: Samin Ghorbani & Kavosh Sohrabian / Carlos Libedinsky
Voice: Samin Ghorbani
Lyrics: Forough Farrokhzad
Idea, Camera: Andreas Rochholl
Copyright © 2021
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