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Historic Sites in Arak

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By the order of the 2nd Qajar ruler, “Fath-Ali Shah” a city was built in the central-western side of Iran, in today’s Markazi Province. This historic town was originally known as Sultan-Abaad, but ever since 1937 it has come to be known as the city of Araak. Many of the people who travel to Arrak usually visit the “Four Season Bathhouse”, “The Hassanpour Mansion”, or its long and covered Bazaar that are quite famous and rarely know that this land has more to offer. Today we’re going to take a look at 3 historic structures that are less visited and are not so very well known: the Haj Vaki House, the Saint Mesrop Church, and the Pir-e Moraad Mausoleum.
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