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New Persian Pop Music Mix| Top Persian Song 2020 | آهنگ عاشقانه

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Persian Music Mix | Iranian Song 2020 |آهنگ جدید ایرانی عاشقانه و شاد
Top Persian Music - بهترین آهنگ های ایرانی| Iranian Music Video - HD
Best Persian songs of all times| Selection of Iranian music - persian music
منتخبی از آهنگ های ایرانی
About Iranian Pop Music:
Iranian pop music refers to pop music originated in Iran, with songs mainly in Persian and other regional languages of the country. It is also widely referred to as Persian pop music in the Western world. After the 1979 Revolution, many Iranians singers immigrated to foreign countries, especially to Los Angeles in the United States, and many continued to sing inside country. Googoosh, Ebi, Shadmehr Aghili, Siavash Ghomeyshi, Dariush, Hayedeh are among most famous Iranian Singers outside of Iran. From Singers who are working inside Iran, Mohsen Yeganeh, Sirvan Khosravi, Mohsen Chavoshi, Reza Sadeghi, Behnam Bani, Benyamin, and other groups like Macan Band and Evan Bands are among most famous and trending singers in recent years.
Persian Entertainment is official YouTube channel of Nova Media Agency, a platform to spread voice of Iranian and Persian youths around the world who are wishing to become more popular.
We are actively work several Persian Musician and Artist around the world. If you are Creator, Singer, Artist, or Agent, feel free to reach us via e-mail at [email protected] or submit your music to us via special tools provided in our website.
Official Website: http://persian-entertainment.com
Facebook: http://fb.com/PersianEntertainmentOff...
Twitter: https://twitter.com/persianent
- All music/songs used in this video are exclusively licenced to Nova Media Agency. Please do not reupload/reuse without prior permission.
- Images used in this video are licenced to use by our third-party partners or purchased from major stock image platforms with permission of commercial use.
We received feedbacks form our visitors and subscribers in comment section, which asking us to include songs from some of famous Persian singers in our mix. While we are trying to expand our business by signing agreement with more singers/bands/companies, we are not allowed to use contents which are not licenced by copyright owners to us. Therefore, this top Persian Music collection is consisting of only those songs which are licenced to us! Thanks for your kind support.
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