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Shapour Bakhtiar parliament Debate 1979شاپور بختیار آخرین روزها

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شادروان شاپور بختیار آخرین روزها
یقیناً ۳۷ روز دولت شاپور بختیار،یکی‌ از غم‌انگیز‌ترین دوران تاریخ ایران به شمار میرود.
در آن ۳۷ روز دولت شاپور بختیار با اعتصاباتسراسری و حملات کورکورانه از طرف دوست و دشمن مواجه بود
خیانت یاران شاپور بختیار به او و افرادی که فقط قصد انتقام از سیستم را داشتند منجر به سقوط دولت قانونی شاپور بختیار شد.
صحنه‌هایی‌ از آن زمان
The debate over the new Iranian government is still going on in the Iranian parliament (Majlis) and is likely to continue for the next few days at least. Prime Minister, Shapour Bakhtiar was asked, as the parliament went for lunch, whether he thought that the Shah was likely to leave following the creation of the Regency Council, to which he agreed. Speaking in both French and English, Bakhtiar says that he is very glad at the position of Khomeini for himself. When asked about Khomeini returning and forming his own government, Bakhtiar saysthat he wouldn't be prime minister of course but indicates that he could be more and that he is a free man. Later there is a peaceful demonstration with demonstrators singing polictical song Death to the Shah.
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