Top 10 Biggest Eagles in the World - Golden Bald Philippine Harpy Steller's Sea Martial Crowned

Top 10 Biggest Eagles in the World - Golden Bald Philippine Harpy Steller's Sea Martial Crowned

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Stellars Sea Eagle
length 85-105cm
wing 220-245cm, 221-244cm
weight 6.8-9kg
World's Biggest Eagle, one of two eagles that rivals the harpy eagle in weight...but, like other fish eagles, the talons and feet r weaker and smaller than booted eagles, such as the golden eagle

Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle
once believed to posses the longest wingspan of all eagles, current data suggest about the same wingspan as other large eagles, length mainly due to long diamond-shaped tail, surprisingly lightweight for its size, very of the longest wingspans, avg 2.3m in the past, records of up to 2.79, 2.84cm, even 3.35m

Berkut Golden Eagle
avg 6.5kg, record 12kg+
76-102cm (NA subspecies)
wing 2.1m, record 2.8m, 203-224cm (NA SUBSPECIES)
one of the heaviest eagles, record up to 12kg wild specimen (unlike harpy's record captive) also longest recorded wingspan at up to 2.8m

Bald Eagle
wing 178-229cm
avg 5.2kg, up to 6.3kg
very large eagle, wingspan somehow not as impressive, while weaker talons compared to golden eagles

Harpy Eagle
wing approx 2m
7.2-7.7kg, up to 9kg
World's most powerful eagle

Philippine Eagle
approx 2m wing
weight NO RELIABLE DATA, probably max 8kg
Often claimed as the largest eagle but the bulk of its "size" (like the wedge-tailed eagle) actually derived from its long legs, giving a false impression of great size. The talons and claws r not the most powerful, but the beak is 2nd only to the stellars sea eagle among the eagles

African Crowned Eagle
wing NO DATA
Africa's most powerful eagle, however it is very lightweight. avg only 4kg+ for females.probably the 3rd most powerful eagle

White -tailed sea eagle
bulky stout eagle.
70-92cm, 66-89cm
wing up to 2.4m, 2-2.45m, 183-239cm
weight avg 5.5kg. 5.1kg, up to 7.5kg, range 3.1-7kg, 3.6-6.5kg

African Martial Eagle
wing 2.1m
avg 5.1kg, up to 6.2kg
Africa's largest eagle, however not as large as other eagles above...very powerful and attacks big prey for its size...the talons and legs r slim and long, a specialization for hunting birds, which r its main prey..rather short tail, like the Eurasian sea eagle...used to be classified in a genus of its own (polemaetus) but changed to Hieeratus (hawk-eagles), and recently some scientist placed it with the Aquila (booted eagles)

Verreaux's Eagle
a very striking jet-black eagle, not as big as most big eagles
wing 2.1m
weight avg 5kg, up to 5.8kg

African Fish Eagle
a large eagle, but not large enough to be in the top 10...
Several eagles also about the same size with this eagle, notably the Asian white-bellied sea eagle, steppe eagle etc...I don't consider the Spanish nor imperial eagle as different from the golden eagle...the steppe has shorter wings, on avg

Harpy eagle Often dubbed as the most powerful eagle (Theoretically) because of it's thick legs and longest Hind talons But I Doubt and I think this has to be proved objectively. Harpy is a sloth eater 80 % of it's diet (Sloth-eating eagle)
Basically it feeds on tree dwelling animals like birds, small monkeys and sloth the Largest prey it takes was a 17 lb Two-toed sloth and a 15 lb howler monkeys.
Philippine Eagle 98-112 cm long 102 cm on avg, weighs up to 18 lb. It feeds on monkeys, civets, flying lemurs, large birds, giant cloud rat, reptiles such as large snakes and monitor lizards, small dogs and pigs. with the Largest wing-surface area among all the eagle specie capable of more powerful lift than any other eagle. Philippine eagle's Largest prey on record: a 30 lb Cervus deer found on it's nest in 1985, carrying a mature female macaque in one leg and attacks a large python a feat you can never find to Harpy eagle. - Threatened Birds Of Asia

There are three major criteria I based my conclusion to what is really the largest eagle in the world, Weight, Wingspan, Height. These are the three Eagle that vie for the title. Steller's Eagle, Philippine Eagle, Harpy Eagle.

1. Steller's Sea Eagle - Undoubtedly the heaviest eagle in the world.
2.Philippine Eagle - Based on the Data shown above, but the maximum reported weight is surpassed by Harpy Eagle, 9Kg vs 8Kg.
3. Harpy Eagle

1. Philippine Eagle - Surely the Tallest eagle in the World. 112 cm
2. Harpy eagle - 107 cm
3. Steller's Sea eagle - 105 cm

1. Steller's Sea Eagle - 2.5m, Second largest wingspan of any eagle
2. Philippine Eagle - 2.5m maximum reported , Broadest in the world, means largest wing surface area.
3. Harpy Eagle - 2.2m Maximum reported
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