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Directed by Alireza Amirghassemi from Andy & Kouros 2nd Album "Parvaz" shot in New York & Los Angeles. Based on the Kouros Hook/Idea "Azizam Azizam Man hanoozam dooset daaram" when he and his girlfriend broke up at the time. One of Andy & Kouros most popular songs sang by Kouros. Hassan Shamaizadeh wrote this song based on the lyrics written by Sabrina Arefkia. Although this is one of Andy & Kouros most popular songs Mr Shamaizadeh is not aware of its popularity & does not aknowledge it as one of his better works.

The model is Shiva Nader an Iranian American Actor that Kouros Met while taking acting Classes in Hollywood. Shani also was another classmate.

This song was arranged by Kouros & Real Strings Section was arranged & used.
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