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Sedonia - The World Is Not Enough (official Trailer)

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The world is truly not enough. And let’s be honest: Where does one find female elegance, beauty, audacity, and charm in one focused package, since 1962 that is always accompanied by magnificent songs? Besides this one MI6 agent who will serve at the pleasure of Her Majesty the Queen in the movie “Spectre” in November, there were always and will always be those women, the Bond girls, without whom James’s missions would be much harder. The theme songs of Bond movies are legendary and are also always linked to the respective movie’s female heroine. Since the John Barry Orchestra first played for “Dr. No” while Ursula Andress unforgettably came out of the ocean it has been the triumvirate of women, Sir James, and music around which everything revolves in 120 minutes of 007.
Sedonia interpret songs from James Bond movies. Nasrin, Shirin and Nazanin add their very individual as well as wonderfully personal touch to fantastic songs like “Golden Eye”, “You Only Live Twice”, and of course “The World Is Not Enough”. Classical music meets Pop with oriental timbre, wonderful choirs as well as modern sounds and arrangements. The mysticism of One Thousand and One Nights and their three voices are interwoven into a sound experience that takes listeners on a very special musical journey. It is fairly save to say that James Bond would definitely ditch any Martini for this. Forget all about “shaken, not stirred”. This music demands to be listened to again and again!


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