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VR 360 Abandoned Ship in Niagara falls, Canada

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La Grande Hermine is a replica of one of the three ships that Jacques Cartier used when exploring and the St. Lawrence river back in 1535. This one is the largest. It is 140 feet long. If this ship could talk, it would have a long story to tell where it has been and how it got here.
It was constructed in 1914 in Quebec and began as a ferry on St. Lawrence, and later became a cargo ship and then a floating restaurant. In 1991 it converted into a replica ship. This abandoned ship came to Jordan Harbour in 1997, intending to be turned into another restaurant or a gambling venue (there are different variations on this story) by a businessman who unfortunately passed away before he could see his dream come true. He was awaiting permission and lacking the funds, which is why the ship was docked at Jordan Harbour for so long. Then in January of 2003, it was the victim of an arson fire. Luckily, the entire La Grande Hermine didn’t go up in smoke, and its damaged and “rustic” look actually adds to photographs and gives it more wonderment behind the history of this curious “shipwreck”. It is now a distinctive Niagara landmark and favorite roadside attraction to many people. A few people have shown interest in purchasing it and restoring it for various reasons, but for one reason or another, La Grande Hermine is still awaiting its SOS call to be answered…
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