Vegan Hazelnut Cocoa Spread Recipe (Homemade)

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Homemade hazelnut cocoa spread recipe 4K.
8 oz (227g) Hazelnuts
2 oz (57g) Unsweetened (100% Cacao) Chocolate Baking Bar
1/3 Cup Sugar
1/2 Tsp Vanilla Extract
1/4 Tsp Salt
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Homemade hazelnut cocoa spread make a big difference comparing to its commercially produced counterpart. Although it may be high in sugar, it contains less then half of the famous brands.
To compare this Homemade hazelnut cocoa spread with the leading brand; In 100g this recipe has 21g sugar but the one you would get from the supermarket contains more than 57g with is more than half of what the serving actually weighs.
Hazelnuts are very beneficial to our hearts. Hazelnuts may help reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and …Read More
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